Orchid house in Portugal

Orquideas no Jardim Botanico da Universidade de Coimbra

Our Orchid house in Portugal is moving to Coimbra. It will be a part of
the Coimbra University Botanical Garden

The greenhouse "Grande Estufa" will be open from January 2014


email: info@orkidearanta.fi
email: info@orkidea.fi
Mobile: +358 50 3489 289

Our orchid collection is flowering in the provisory greenhouses at the
Botanical Garden of the Coimbra University

All orchids continued to grow and to make flowers so that the move from
Carreco to Coimbra was not disturbing them

View from the door of the provisory greenhouse.
In front some Cattleya Angel Bells and Lycaste skinneri 'alba'

Some Miltonias on the table

Green like "Vinho Verde" and red like "Vine delight"

Some orchids with soft colours

Some Cattleyas

LC Kupferprinz starts

A group of Psychopsis

A Phalaenopsis assembly in the second provisory greenhouse